Student Spotlight: Katie Fiedler

Today we have a special edition of our Student Spotlight series! 
We interviewed Katie Fiedler, a second year student and the recipient of the 2018 Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship. Below is her interview which offers her insight into what the experience was like and what the award means to her.  Congrats Katie!
What did it mean to you to win the scholarship? Winning the Scholarship was such an honor. Additionally, my scholarship was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hawthorne, and Mr. Hawthorne created Texas Health Resources, considering this is where I’ll be starting my administrative residency in January, it made winning this extra special! 
What was the experience like?  After writing an initial application letter, I was selected by the faculty to move to the interview round. At the interview I spoke with two former Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholars who were inserted in learning about my entrepreneurship experience and my dedication to business in Texas. I found out a few mo…

Student Spotlight: Justin Glenney

Today in our Student Spotlight series, we're going to be learning about Justin Glenney, a member of the Class of 2020!

We are so lucky to have Justin in our program because he is a hard worker, is always down to help his classmates and makes everyone feel at ease. We could all use a friend like Justin in our lives and without further ado, here's his interview!

Undergraduate University: Texas A&M University
Undergrad Major: Economics
What made you interested in healthcare administration? I am interested in healthcare administration because administrators are tasked with the unique and dynamic opportunity to navigate the processes and resources involved with improving the human condition and helping to allocate efficient and effective care to those who are seeking it in an ethical manner.  For me, healthcare administration was a huge interest because it is a merger of my two loves which are a team-oriented, challenging environment and caring for others, whether that be fellow ad…

Student Spotlight: Brody Chipman

Today in our Student Spotlight series, we're going to be learning about Brody Chipman, a member of the Class of 2020.

Brody is a constant source of positive energy and can find the bright side in every situation. He was recently voted "Most Charismatic" by the class for his Pecha Kucha presentation; we are so lucky to have him in the program and without further ado, here's his interview!

Undergraduate University: Brigham Young University
Undergrad Major: Public Health
What made you interested in healthcare administration? I applied for and got an internship at a hospital as a patient experience intern during my undergraduate study. During this internship I had wonderful mentors and other peers that gave me projects to see if healthcare administration is something I would be interested in. I loved the work that I was able to do in that internship and I learned quickly that I liked working in teams and having the common goal of enhancing patient care.
What made you decid…

Student Spotlight: Carol Richter

Today in our Student Spotlight series, we're going to be learning about Carol Richter! Carol is a member of the Executive Healthcare Administration Program at Trinity and serves as a Director in the Pediatric Surgical Unit at Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio.

How did you hear of the TU HCAD Executive Program?
I was attending Texas A&M Corpus for my MSN in nursing leadership, during my final semester I chose my preceptor for leadership who was an RN but had moved nto the operational side of healthcare and was the Sr. VP of Operations at our facility.I chose him because my interest is also in operations and I wanted to learn more about his role.Long story short, he recommended the Trinity MHA program, and at this same time our organization partnered with Trinity offering employees a tuition discount so I felt like it was meant to be.
What has been your favorite part of the program so far?
This will be hard to narrow down, I have enjoyed the leadership courses with Dr. Sh…

Student Spotlight: McKenzie Quinn

As part of our Student Spotlight series, today we're going to be learning more about McKenzie Quinn!

McKenzie is a second-year student in our on-campus graduate program.  As she looks forward to her fast-approaching departure to Dallas at the end of the year to begin her administrative residency in the spring, we know we will miss her genuine, kind, friendly, funny and generally wonderful presence around the Department.  Without further ado, here's McKenzie's interview!
Undergrad University: Trinity University

Undergrad Major: Biology

Residency Location: PricewaterhouseCoopers

How did you get interested in healthcare?

My Dad is an Air Force physician and I had an inpatient experience as a child that sparked my interest. I pursued medical school as an undergraduate and shadowed in University’s Level I trauma department (shown in the picture), which I loved. During this experience though, I realized that my interests were more administrative than clinical and I wanted to …

Student Spotlight: Taylor Miears

We’re excited to introduce a new series of interviews with current students that we’re calling the “Student Spotlight,” and to kick off our Student Spotlight series, we are learning more about Taylor Miears!

Taylor is President of the Class of 2020, but more importantly, she's a wonderful friend.To give a quick example: we’ve all been in that awkward situation where you're telling a story to a group, but no one is listening, and you don't know whether to stop talking or repeat yourself. Well, Taylor is the friend who listens so you don't end up feeling lonely in a group.We're so lucky to have her in the program, and without further ado, here's Taylor's interview!
Undergraduate University: University of North Texas
Undergrad Major: Finance
What made you interested in healthcare administration?
I knew I wanted to commit myself to an industry that gave back to the community. I wanted to feel passionate about my career and knew the healthcare industry was my calling…

Alumni Weekend 2018

October is notorious in south Texas for bringing rain but it also brings in some sunshine
in the form of the annual Trinity HCAD Alumni Weekend! This time is a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of the Trinity HCAD family and reconnect across the alumni network. Trinity Alumni Coordinator Elizabeth Ford worked with HCAD Alumni Association President Heidi Pandya to host a series of events across the two days. There was a great turnout as graduates reconnected and met with the students.

The first of these events was a Thursday night dinner at Pearl Studio
to recognize our 2018 Duce Award recipient Sally Deitch and Momentum Award
recipients Holly and Peyton Elliot. Mrs.Deitch warmly accepted her award with a speech
thanking her parents and husband. The Elliots gave a shared speech on the value that Trinity
had added to their lives and what the award meant to them. Additionally at the dinner we thanked
Dr. Mary Stefl for her time spent teaching at Trinity wished her the best with…